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Nev & Borko
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Nev & Borko are are very cute couple. They were about to get married and they came to us to build their wedding website, together with a fill in form to keep track of the guests.

The Custom Touch

From the begining, our mission was not just to create a wedding website, but a personal one. We were happy when we understood that the favourite colour of the bride was purple. We took it and we made the site in the purple tonality.

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Photograph by Lorem Ipsum via Unsplash

A Fill-In Form for Guests

A fill-in form was used to facilitate the wedding planning process and RSVP. All of the guests were invited to fill-in the form and choose what meal they would prefer, and how many companions they will have. The collected information was diligently kept in the admin panel of the site and in the bride’s mailbox.

Countdown Timer

Of course, the most exciting part was counting down the time to the wedding. We placed a countdown timer to enhance the excitement and the happy awaiting.

The result

What is a best way to show the result than some words from the happy couple:

“Thank you Powdi. We haven’t dreamed of such an incredible wedding website. All of our friends were astonished when they saw it. And it helped us tremendously with the organization. Thank you.”  – Nev & Borko

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